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Teaching Boys; or, “I’m Glad It’s Thursday Afternoon.”

This past week has, undoubtedly, been the most exhausting, most infuriating week teaching in Korea. The students have been extraordinarily rowdy, disrespectful, and refuse to listen, even to the Korean teachers when they speak Korean. We’ve had fights, kids crying, … Continue reading

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On Futurism & (Less Than) Scientific Trend-iness

Yesterday, a friend of mine linked me an article on the Civil War over at It was good–really good. And I have to admit I was surprised. For whatever reason, I assumed that Time was a wishy-washy magazine full … Continue reading

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English as a Developing Lingua Franca

I’m currently employed as an English teacher. My main job is simply to speak in my native tongue, to accustom my students to spoken English. I make lesson plans, but they’re relatively simple. I don’t grade papers or give out … Continue reading

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