Buying a Camera; Jehovah’s Witnesses

Yes, I realize that incongruity of the two items in the title. But those are the two salient events from today: one, I bought a camera(!) and so pictures of Chungju will be forthcoming. Two, a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door a few minutes ago, looking for the woman who lived here last year (whose position I took over at the same school–and who, rather coincidentally, is also a Virginian). This raises a number of questions. First, Korean Jehovah’s Witnesses!? Didn’t see that coming. Secondly, how did they ever get the code to enter the building? Thirdly, I think I’ll be seeing them again. How should I handle that? Should I just accept their literature with a smile, or attempt to engage in a theological debate with them? Questions to ponder…

Anyway, speaking of those pictures:

Looking East from my street in Chungju

A flier near my apartment
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