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Pictures of a Night Scene

I’ve mentioned the unique architecture of steeples here in Korea, but I haven’t talked yet about what happens with the steeples at night. Most Protestant churches are outfitted with bright red neon lights that outline the crosses atop their steeples, … Continue reading

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Language Acquisition, A Response to “Ask A Korean”

It’s probably a bit early to be posting responses to other blogs, seeing as I’ve been posting here for about 10 days, but my thoughts on “Ask A Korean”s post on learning a foreign language have been stewing for a … Continue reading

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From Korea to Wisconsin (With Love)

Of course I leave for South Korea right before things start to get interesting in my home country. A broad consensus seems to be developing among working- and middle-class folks in Wisconsin that busting unions isn’t the way to solve … Continue reading

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Adaptation; or, I’ve Been In Korea For Only 3 Weeks?(!)

I arrived in Korea on the 17th of February, exactly 3 weeks ago. 21 days. But being in Korea already feels normal, like I’ve been living here for months. And that’s despite the fact that I still only know about … Continue reading

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Hiking North of Chungju

This is going to be a short but picture-heavy post. I hiked up into the mountains north of Chungju today, and had a great time. As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely love how close the mountains are; … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Korean Architecture, Religion, & Economics

I never owned a camera in the US. Never felt a need for one. But here in Korea, everything is different, and interesting, and seems deserving of a photo (or two, or three…). I’ve probably taken 150 photos in the … Continue reading

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Buying a Camera; Jehovah’s Witnesses

Yes, I realize that incongruity of the two items in the title. But those are the two salient events from today: one, I bought a camera(!) and so pictures of Chungju will be forthcoming. Two, a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses … Continue reading

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